Briek has devoted the last decade to becoming an impeccable technical photographer. At age eleven he started taking online classes to master every detail of the digital camera and has continued to increase his skill ever since. 
Though the staging of models is not his strong suit, getting a balanced and visually striking composition is what he’s after. Whether it’s commercial studio work or an architectural reportage, Briek is always looking at different angles and composing his images for as long as is needed to get what the customer is looking for. When he’s not working for a cliënt, Briek is still photographing whatever crosses his path because the camera is something he won't let go.
Having done an internship at Verne photography in Gent, he went on tu get his bachelors degree in audiovisual arts at Sint Lucas in antwerp. Whilst still being a student he started to work on his own brand and colesly collaborating wit the Antwerp nightlife to help shape it visually and showcase the city at its finest.
Later he published his first book about the different area's of the city and went on to continue working for brands across all product categories.
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